How many people are expected to attend this year’s conference?

Approximately 240 business, nonprofit, and educational leaders are expected to attend the morning portion of this year’s conference. We expect a total of 12 speakers.  In the afternoon, over 30 students will present their work.  

Is there a fee for attending?

No, the conference is free. It is open on a first-come, first-serve basis to individuals and organizations that are actively involved in work that is relevant to the conference’s theme.

Who should attend the Nature!Tech Conference?

If you’re interested in the nexus of technology, education and the environment, this conference is for you, including:

  • COMPANIES whose products are used for environmental awareness and understanding
  • GOVERNMENT AGENCIES OR NON-PROFITS that use technology to advance environment understanding
  • FACULTY from all disciplines interested in technology and/or the environment
  • STUDENTS exploring careers that in technology and/or the environment
  • COMMUNITY MEMBERS who want to know more about exciting advances in technology and educationPast participants have included: 

How do I register?

Interested participants can register here. More than one person from each organization can attend. However, seating is limited and if we experience capacity constraints, we may ask organizations to limit the number of attendees.

Who is producing this conference?

This conference is being organized by the Sonoma State University Center for Environmental Inquiry with the generous support of Pacific Gas & Electric Company and the Green Music Center.